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Academic Program of NCTU-EE

NCTU EE Department short, mid, and long term aim
2007~2008, 2009~2010, 2011~2013
To acquire advanced knowledge:
Short-term aim: The reformulation and determination of academic programs will let regulations have more foresight.
Mid-term aim: Lowering the unit-per-term from 134 to 128. Increasing the number of faculty member major in bio-medical science.
Long-term aim: Cooperate with bio-science related department, constructing a series of bio-electronics courses.
Breadth Learning:
Short-term aim: Emphasis on special project and graduation creative engineering project, and Science and technology ethics.
Mid-term aim: Service-learning course: the combination of specialties and community service. Provide optional courses: Science and Technology law, and Intellectual Property.
Long-term aim: Strengthen the abilities in oral presentation and writing in English.
Global Perspective:
Short-term aim: continuous exchange research development with industries and foreign scholars.
Mid-term aim: Dual PhD(or Master) program with top ranking university.
Long-term aim:
(1) Exchange Program: there are 25 students-per-year (~25%) using exchange program to study abroad.
(2) International Student: ~5% are officially registered, 10% are exchange students.
Graduate (Master and PhD): 5% are officially registered, 10% are exchange students.