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ROC year 47-recruitment process for the 1st institute of electronics in Taiwan started
ROC year 52-installment of ruby solid state laser, the 1st laser in Taiwan
ROC year 53-establishment of department of electronics engineering and the 1st transistor lab in Taiwan
ROC year 54-fabrication of the 1st planar transistor and integrated circuits in Taiwan
ROC year 57- PhD program started
ROC year 59- Chun-Yen Chang , the former president, became the 1st domestically-educated engineering doctor.
ROC year 66-Semiconductor lab was built
ROC year 77- Stan Sze, one of the 1st batch of graduates from the department, founded Acer.
ROC year 81-Research funding exceeded NT 100 million dollars
ROC year 83-Prof. S. M. Sze became a member of Academia Sinica.
ROC year 84-with the highest number of papers published in IEEE ED and EDL worldwide. Prof. S. M. Sze became a member of the National Academy of Engineering, US.
ROC year 92-Starting the national technology project of chip systems (from year 92~99)
ROC year 97-50th anniversary of institute of electronics. Department members: 54 full-time professors. More than 1000 students. (undergraduates and graduates combined)