<Talk open to all>Integrated Photonics for the Optics-of-Everything (O2E)

2017-04-24 09:31:49


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 ~~~ Please feel free to come ~~~

Time : April 12, 2017 (Wednesday, 10:30 AM~12:00 PM)
Venue : AaPaTo Space of Engineering Building 4, NCTU ( near the elevator )
(交通大學工程四館4樓AaPaTo Space ( 在電梯旁 ) )
Speaker : Dr. Patrick Yin Chiang / 1000-Talents Young Professor, Fudan University CTO, PhotonIC Technologies (Shanghai)
Host : Wei-Zen Chen / Director, Institute of Electronics, NCTU
Language : Most in English

~~~ Abstract ~~~
Big Data, Internet-of-Things, Internet-2020, Deep Learning, Autonomous Vehicles. All of these cloud-computing applications require exponentially increasing bandwidth, resulting in the recent explosive growth in optical networking. For these optical interconnects, the energy-consuming microelectronics and silicon photonics inside are the key, as they directly affect the cost, size, power, bandwidth, scalability, and manufacturability. 
In this talk, I will describe the cross-disciplinary IC design in my Integrated Photonics group at Fudan University, exploring the frontiers of Datacenter Interconnect using Optoelectronics and Silicon Photonics. Recent publications will be presented, including WDM-based photonics, 50G PAM-4 interconnects, and CMOS-based 25G laser drivers and transimpedance amplifiers. (ISSCC13-15, OFC15-16, RFIC17)

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