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Professors of System Group

Chang, Hsie-Chia SOC design, Coding Theory, Signal Processing
Chang, Tian-Sheuan Digital IP authoring, VLSI/IC Design, Signal Processing Architecture Design, Image and Video Signal Processing, Computer Architecture Design
Chao, Mango Chia-Tso VLSI testing, Statistical timing analysis, Physical design automation, Test compression/compaction
Chen, Hung-Ming Electronic Design Automation, Design and Analysis of Algorithms, Combinatorial Optimization
Chen, Ming-Jer Nano CMOS Devices and Circuits, Multilevel Flash Memory, Noise and Fluctuation, Chip Reliability
Chen, Po-Hung Wireless Power Transmission System, Power management integrated circuit, Low-power Low-voltage integrated circuit
Chen, Sau-Gee Digital Communication, Multimedia, DSPVLSI Design
Chen, Wei-Zen Mixed-signal Integrated Circuits, High Frequency Circuits, Communication system
Cheng, Yu-Ting MEMS, Nanotechnology, Microsystems Integration: SOP Design and Fabrication
Cheng, Wen-Hung Multimedia, Artificial Intelligence, Computer Vision, Machine Learning, Social Media, Financial Technology
Chien, Feng-Tsun Signal Processing for Communications, Multicarrier CDMA Systems, machine learning
Chin, Albert Nano IC manufacture process, Nano CMOS,Memory and microwave communication device, wireless communication circuits
Chuang, Ching-Te Bipolar (BiCMOS) logic and memory circuit design,Scaling issues of Bipolar/BiCOMS circuits,High-performance CMOS microprocessor design, Circuit issues and techniques of SOI COMS,Circuit/design issues in scaled/emerging technologies,Novel logic/SRAM ckt topologies in scaled (emerging) technologies
Chung, Mau-Chung High-speed semiconductor components, RF / wireless Internet digital, analog, microwave, millimeter-wave integrated circuits terahertz system
Fang, Wei-Chi Integrated circuit, Neural network and intelligence system ,Multimedia, Communications
Fung, Carrson C. statistical signal processing  、communications、data modeling and analytics 、optimization
Guo, Jiun-In VLSI Design, Digital Signal Processing, Digital IP Design, SoC Design
Hang, Hsueh-Ming Signal/Image processing, Multimedia communications, Digital communications
Hu, Robert Microwave and millimeter-wave integrated circuit design and characterization.
Huang, ChingYao Wireless communication, wireless transmission resource management, high-speed system design, resource access technology of communication systems
Huang, Juinn-Dar Electronics Design Automation, Microprocessor Design, SIP and SoC Design Methodology
Hwang, Wei SoC and VLSI Design, Embedded Memory and Nanoelectronics, Low Power Nano-CMOS Circuits and Technology
Jiang, Iris Hui-Ru Electronic Design Automation (EDA)
Jou, Jing-Yang CAD, IC and System, Computer Achitecture
Jou, Shyh-Jye Digital/Mixed Signal Integrated Circuits, Communication Integrated Circuits and Systems, Computer-Aided Design
Ker, Ming-Dou Nanoelectronics, Integrated Circuits Design & Reliability, I/O Circuits, ESD protection circuits, On-Glass Circuit Design
Kuo, Chien-Nan Integrated SOC of wireless Communication, RF system design, Broad Band design of CATV
Lai, Bo-Cheng Charles SoC and VLSI System Design, Computer-Aided Design, Multi-Core System Design
Lee, C. Y. IC and System design, Video communication and High speed network, CAD
Lin Albert Shihchun data mining , machine intelligence ,web service and technology
Lin, David W. Wireless Communication, Wireline Digital Transmission, Video Coding, Speech Coding
Lin, H. C. VLSI
Liu, Chih-Wei SoC and VLSI system design, Processor for embedded computing systems, Digital signal processing, Digital communications, Coding theory
Sang, Tzu-Hsien Broad band communication System design, Signal Processing and chip design
Tsai, Chia-Ming High-Speed Analogy IC Design, Analog front-end IC Design for high speed optical wireline communication, Analog front-end IC Design for sensor applications, semiconductor photoelectric device Design
Wang, S. J. Computer Vision, Image/Video Processing, Digital Signal Processing
Wang, Yu-Jiu Circuit theories and design methodologies, RFVLSI Circuits and Systems (microwave and millimeter-wave large-scale phased array systems, far-field wireless power transfer.)
Wen, Kuei-Ann ICs and systems, digital communication, electronic circuit design
Wu, Chung-Yu Nanoelectronics and VLSI Systems, Mixed-Signal Circuit Design, Biochips, RF Circuits and CAD Analysis
Wu, Jieh-Tsorng Mixed-Signal Integrated Circuits, Digital Communications