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Professors of System Group

Chang, Hsie-Chia SOC design, Coding Theory, Signal Processing
Chang, Tian-Sheuan Digital IP authoring, VLSI/IC Design, Signal Processing Architecture Design, Image and Video Signal Processing, Computer Architecture Design
Chao, Mango Chia-Tso VLSI testing, Statistical timing analysis, Physical design automation, Test compression/compaction
Chen, Hung-Ming Electronic Design Automation, Design and Analysis of Algorithms, Combinatorial Optimization
Chen, Ming-Jer Nano CMOS Devices and Circuits, Multilevel Flash Memory, Noise and Fluctuation, Chip Reliability
Chen, Po-Hung Wireless Power Transmission System, Power management integrated circuit, Low-power Low-voltage integrated circuit
Chen, Sau-Gee Digital Communication, Multimedia, DSPVLSI Design
Chen, Wei-Zen Mixed-signal Integrated Circuits, High Frequency Circuits, Communication system
Cheng, Yu-Ting MEMS, Nanotechnology, Microsystems Integration: SOP Design and Fabrication
Chien, Feng-Tsun Signal Processing for Communications, Multicarrier CDMA Systems, machine learning
Chin, Albert Nano IC manufacture process, Nano CMOS,Memory and microwave communication device, wireless communication circuits
Chuang, Ching-Te Bipolar (BiCMOS) logic and memory circuit design,Scaling issues of Bipolar/BiCOMS circuits,High-performance CMOS microprocessor design, Circuit issues and techniques of SOI COMS,Circuit/design issues in scaled/emerging technologies,Novel logic/SRAM ckt topologies in scaled (emerging) technologies
Chung, Mau-Chung High-speed semiconductor components, RF / wireless Internet digital, analog, microwave, millimeter-wave integrated circuits terahertz system
Fang, Wei-Chi Integrated circuit, Neural network and intelligence system ,Multimedia, Communications
Fung, Carrson C. statistical signal processing  、communications、data modeling and analytics 、optimization
Guo, Jiun-In VLSI Design, Digital Signal Processing, Digital IP Design, SoC Design
Hang, Hsueh-Ming Signal/Image processing, Multimedia communications, Digital communications
Hu, Robert Microwave and millimeter-wave integrated circuit design and characterization.
Huang, ChingYao Wireless communication, wireless transmission resource management, high-speed system design, resource access technology of communication systems
Huang, Juinn-Dar Electronics Design Automation, Microprocessor Design, SIP and SoC Design Methodology
Hwang, Wei SoC and VLSI Design, Embedded Memory and Nanoelectronics, Low Power Nano-CMOS Circuits and Technology
Jiang, Iris Hui-Ru Electronic Design Automation (EDA)
Jou, Jing-Yang CAD, IC and System, Computer Achitecture
Jou, Shyh-Jye Digital/Mixed Signal Integrated Circuits, Communication Integrated Circuits and Systems, Computer-Aided Design
Ker, Ming-Dou Nanoelectronics, Integrated Circuits Design & Reliability, I/O Circuits, ESD protection circuits, On-Glass Circuit Design
Kuo, Chien-Nan Integrated SOC of wireless Communication, RF system design, Broad Band design of CATV
Lai, Bo-Cheng Charles SoC and VLSI System Design, Computer-Aided Design, Multi-Core System Design
Lee, C. Y. IC and System design, Video communication and High speed network, CAD
Lin, David W. Wireless Communication, Wireline Digital Transmission, Video Coding, Speech Coding
Lin, H. C. VLSI
Liu, Chih-Wei SoC and VLSI system design, Processor for embedded computing systems, Digital signal processing, Digital communications, Coding theory
Sang, Tzu-Hsien Broad band communication System design, Signal Processing and chip design
Tsai, Chia-Ming High-Speed Analogy IC Design, Analog front-end IC Design for high speed optical wireline communication, Analog front-end IC Design for sensor applications, semiconductor photoelectric device Design
Wang, S. J. Computer Vision, Image/Video Processing, Digital Signal Processing
Wang, Yu-Jiu Circuit theories and design methodologies, RFVLSI Circuits and Systems (microwave and millimeter-wave large-scale phased array systems, far-field wireless power transfer.)
Wen, Kuei-Ann ICs and systems, digital communication, electronic circuit design
Wu, Chung-Yu Nanoelectronics and VLSI Systems, Mixed-Signal Circuit Design, Biochips, RF Circuits and CAD Analysis
Wu, Jieh-Tsorng Mixed-Signal Integrated Circuits, Digital Communications